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It was a tragic or unbelievable story of Karey Wong, a young woman from Vancouver BC. She is an oriental looked woman with enough pretty appearance. She is beautiful enough, but her only weakness is, she has a kind of mental disorder. She even has more than one mental disorder. To mention briefly, Karey has abandonment anxiety and a sleep disorder. The later makes her cannot make a good judgment. The other unlucky condition she has is that she has little or no funds or support from her immediate family members.

In fact, Karey still had a boyfriend,  Bobby the Magician, but because of the disruption from her mother and grandmother who disagreed with their relationship, they had to split up.

Before Karey and Bobby broke up for the 13th time, on 13 June 2017, they had already planned to permanently unite their relationship into a marriage. Their beautiful dream was suddenly ruined into a sad reality. Then, this poor young woman fell into the hands of criminals.  She did not want to go to her family residence but instead, she was tricked by the criminal, and directed to the lion’s cage.

Karey disappeared and is presumed to be under the mind-control of Islamic criminals, based on Karey’s own texts, emails, and phone call recordings. She left her ex-boyfriend house in “skanky” clothes, to some bad guys who brought her to the darkness and scary experience in her life, at a 24-hour venue in downtown Vancouver.

From the recording conversation (phone call), Miss Karey Wong said that she has made a secret contract to marry one of the men who kidnapped her. The bad guy devised this wicked plan to avoid the death punishment in his home country, by marrying Karey, the young woman with the mental disorder. In order not to be deported from Canada, the man has brainwashed the young woman with the use of hypnotic or date rape drugs. Everybody needs to know that only 2 out of 150 addicted women can be saved from the death, this according to a drug rehab counselor.

For common people, it is strange that someone can make the decision to help, or even to marry someone she has just known. What Karey did is absolutely unbelievable, but if we make a further observation, then we can understand the reason why she behaved like that. Karey Wong suffers from one or more mental disorders and is not taking the medication. She actually suffers from abandonment anxiety.

Karey said that she has already joined the bad man’s family, and now is espousing the phrases belong to the family in her text messages. What could bring fear to everyone is, she may turn into a robotic terrorist or a Human Weapon.

Had been given a sum of money by the man, it also made Karey agreed to marry the foreign male in order to free the man from his death punishment. Her friends could only feel worried that Karey is not in the proper State of Mind, and they (the friends of the poor young woman) can only guess that on the top of her lack of sleep, she could be used by some foreign terrorists.

She looks to have been given the drug around June 13 onwards, it can be predicted in her text messages emails and a more than 13 minutes phone conversation. According to the boyfriend, Karey was honest to him during their time together, but since June 13th, she started being dishonest to the man.

According to the ex-boyfriend, Karey ever contacted him attempting to have recordings deleted from the internet using a threat with the view seems to be contrary to the criminal code of Canada. The man also said that what Karey did, looked to have been forced on her by the foreign male or his Immigrant gang that the young woman calls the family, that believed by the ex-boyfriend had provided housing, based on Karey’s phone calls.

It is pity Karey, in her unfavorable living, her family pays less attention and seems to disregard her presence. We cannot deny the fact that in modern human living, particularly in the western countries, Man turn to give less attention and care among others. Even Karey who has mental disorder has been disregarded by her own family. How can a woman like that stand for the hard side of human living? Actually, she needs to be given more attention, care, and love from her family. Why we need to do that? As the religious creature, everyone has a feeling of love given by God. Karey not only needs the love of her ex-boyfriend, but also the love from her big family. As a woman with the mental disorder, Karen even needs more attention and love, not to be forgotten and assumed as a family burden. Every one of us needs to realize that the man or woman like Karey is not only the family burden but actually a person that needs the love of other people. The poor people like Karey are not only the responsibility of the government. Every family, especially the parents, needs to pay more attention to the matter like this because everybody cannot choose what kind of family or what kind of the ethnic, or even what kind of nation or religion when they need to be born in this world.

It is poor Karey to experience the bad dream like that, she is vulnerable to the death by the people she doesn’t know well. The parents have to give more attention to love, to care, and to protect their children like her. The government also needs to pay more attention, because without the hands of the government, what can the people like Karey do? The government needs to provide more facilities, especially the medical facility for healing the poor people with the mental disorder. Never assumed that the people like them only can bring burden, because every human creature is unique, every human has his or her own special value.

Written by Mulia Primanta  Indonesia

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Drug Prevention Talks, Free, Vancouver BC, Bobby the Magician

Losing Karey Wong Debriefings

Researcher: Manuel Mendoza

Only 2 out of 150 women on drugs were returned to a normal life. As little as one or two illegal or addictive drug uses will result in a lifetime of drug abuse. Does that shock you? Karey Wong wrote that to her, the drugging was “Dark and scary.” Then, “Life will never be the same again.” https://vimeo.com/224188196

Rob Matthies, also known as Bobby the Magician, founder of the Losing Karey Wong Debriefings project, and indirect victim of the world of drugs and crime, has found, if not a definite answer at least a way of getting on the right track in our way towards combating drug addiction, a wrongdoing that today ravages our society and, with it, each one of us. Drug addiction pollutes our cities, invades public and personal spaces, and is present everywhere. Let’s be honest: Which one of us has not lost a friend, or a relative, to drug addiction? https://vimeo.com/223477689

Facing this problem, governments all around the world have declared war on drugs by enacting police and military measures in the fight against drug usage and trafficking. However, due to the nature of the issue, they have been ineffective: You can’t cover such a wide-ranging crime, in so many territories, with a small number of officers.

On the other hand, the problem should be faced by attacking its bases, and the drug problem’s bases are human beings: We can prevent people from falling into drug addiction relatively early, and relatively easily. All crimes start with unhappiness, as Roger Ebert famously said in the wisdom of his last year of life. Also, a study by a University of British Columbia states that only a small minority of children have trauma-free childhoods, less than five percent! Taking this into account, it’s not hard to see why so many people fall into drug addiction at some point in their lives.

Karey Wong, a 30-year-old woman who led an appalling life of verbal, physical and sexual abuse, is now a direct victim of drugs and crime. With early prevention, we could have saved her. Rob came to meet her, and to discover this, way too late.

Matthies’ discovery of strategies to prevent the addiction to drugs started by studying The Law of Attraction, as well as Stuart Wilde’s metaphysical studies. His life with Karey Wong aided him to come to understand the problem from a more personal perspective, which led him to go to professionals for advice; he decided to consult with a drug rehab counselor, the police, a psychologist, and many others. Furthermore, he talked to people who were “high” for an even more direct approach to the subject. All of that, he complemented with his own personal experience with children that he has gathered across his years as a magician who has more real-people reviews on video than all the other Canadian magicians combined, and an award-winning inventor, a gifted discoverer of simple solutions to complex problems. A journalist once wrote, Matthies is “our modern-day Thomas Edison”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrsmqWpIFBA

Karey Wong expressed her wish that her story was told and made public. Rob, in full agreement with her desires, founded the Losing Karey Wong Debriefings project, and wants to tell her story to those who still have the opportunity to save their children, and provide parents with effective means of drug prevention.

Please invite Bobby the Magician and his volunteer friends to tell your organization about What-We’ve-Learned from Losing Karey Wong. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5saryh

They will do this free of charge. They want to spread Karey’s story, so we can all make a happier world, one person at a time.

Free, Novel, Drug-Prevention Speakers Available for churches, parent groups, Metro Vancouver BC

Karey Analysis Written by Winnie the Nerd, United States


To start with, love is an affection that is normally felt by certain individuals who have feelings for one another. Love extends further and generates a relationship between the people who have mutual feelings for one another. In short, love can be defined as feeling a tender affection for someone else. In this case, Karey Wong and Robbie have feelings for one another. Robbie invests a lot towards Karey including paying off her credit card bill so that she can have financial freedom from loans. Karey explains that she is experiencing the fun that she has never been exposed to in her entire life. She feels Robbie is the right person for her. However, during their relationship, they tend to break up due to some several causes that happen in their relationship.

Karey’s mother and her grandmother interference led to their breakup. Her mother was not okay with the decision Karey had made. As a result, she kept on threatening to evict her. This made Karey to be stressed to a point where she lacked sleep and even suffered from abandonment anxiety. She was uncomfortable because she loved her boyfriend but the relationship could not last due to the home pressures that she experienced. Her mother went further by asking her to date a different person which was a bit difficult to Karey. Additionally, she felt that her relationship was much better and never had she experienced such happy moments in her life.

Karey and Robbie huge age gap is what created a problem both to Karey’s family and her mother. They were all against the idea of such a big age difference. As a result, it disturbed Karey making her stressed because she loved her boyfriend and above all, she was comfortable with that. According to the doctor, the age difference was not a problem and it was not really supposed to give them any misunderstanding in their entire relationship. Karey’s family and her mother were interfering with the stand of her choice. They felt that she had made the wrong choice because her boyfriend was old enough for her and she was thirty.

The other cause of their breakup is the sexual assault by her grandfather at a tender age. Actually, that was sexual abuse from her grandfather. Being raped by her own grandfather was so unfair and unrealistic. It was a sad act that left a mark on her mind. She developed mental disorder because that incidence made her think over and over again. Karey’s situation was unpredictable because maybe it was also as a result of the rape drug applied to her.

Karey’s disability started at the age of fifteen and her mother was the cause. She was homeless and underwent suffering. She developed stress which made her get the mental disorder. Her mother kept on threatening her which made her stay home with doubts. Getting sleep was a real struggle and could at times lead to not sleeping the whole night. Her disability. She was also brainwashed due to the usage of date rape drugs which highly affected her.

Basically, it is a crime to make someone else less happy. Additionally, it is unfair to limit other people’s fun, joy, and happiness. Karey lived a sad life simply because her mother, grandfather, grandmother and her family interfered with her relationship. Despite the fact that a mother should treat one well, her mother gave her a hard time and even pressured her a lot. They all ensured that she did not stay a happy life. As a result, she ends up leading a stressful life which makes her get mental disorder and also goes through very difficult situations. People should always strive to contribute joy to one another which will lead to a better world. It should also be understood that people make different choices according to their taste. In order to avoid misunderstandings, everyone should be treated equally and all individual rights observed accordingly.

Blame For Losing Karey Wong Opinion By Rolas Design


Life hasn’t been easy for Karey Wong. Not only that she had to deal with her mental disorder for years, but she has also went through serious issues that marked her life. Starting with her unsuccessful relationship with Bobby the Magician with whom she was happy and now with her disappearance, Karey’s life is anything, but an easy road to walk.

That’s exactly why she is not being able to live her life as an ordinary person, but constantly getting in tough situations. She seems like a good person who actually is confused about what really matters in life and perhaps that’s why she got involved with street drugs and a marriage of convenience, illegal activity involving Islamists facing deportation.

According to my opinion, her real issues has started when she got with Bobby and perhaps being in that relationship is what actually destroyed her, got worse her mental state and made her get involved with the issues mentioned above.

Karey is a classic example for person who doesn’t know their real path in life and that’s why choose the easy way out of her issues which in reality brought her even more issues that she already had. It seems that she has confused which are the real values in life which might be why she choose to offer marriage of convenience in exchange of house and money. Maybe at some point of her life she got disappointed from love and life and that’s why she decided to take the easy way out of her issues which definitely is not the best option.

All in all, Karey Wong could be a lesson for all of us because her life path could teach us a lot and maybe even prevent us from doing such mistakes in future as she did. Life always gives us more choices and the easiest one doesn’t necessarily mean that is the best one or the right one. Sometimes we have to go through tough times in order to get to the happiness and not choose the shortest road that sometimes could lead to unhappiness and misery.

Name: Charlie Klussmann
City: Florence
Country: Italy
Qualification: Interior Designer

Karey Wong’s breakup with her boyfriend Robby


Opinion by Nadine George Researcher

Karey Wong suffered a very complicated and painful life she has many psychological issues due to her mother, her grandparent, whole family in addition to past boyfriends. She couldn’t maintain any job due to her bad health and mental status.

Her mother – named Jelly – never showed her any affection as a kid she never told her happy birthday or well done and was a main reason in Karey’s low self-esteem. Karey spent all her childhood being abused by her mother and being sexually assaulted by her grandfather from her mother’s side. She never felt loved or appreciated which results in her suffering of many psychological issues. She tried to work as a model for exotic films. She had many boyfriends none of them could handle her until she met Robby. Despite being older than her by many years he loved, appreciated her and did his best to make her feel safe. He gave her a job and tried to enhance her self-esteem again. He also gave her money to pay all her credit card debit. She was for the first time in her life happy and feeling appreciated.

Then her mother appeared again and threatened to evict Karey from her house as she knew that Karey won’t be able to afford the 500-dollar rent unless she dumps her new boyfriend Robby. Jelly’s – Karey’s mother – excuse was that Robby is very old and that he is manipulating Karey although Karey herself isn’t a little girl anymore and can take a good care of herself. So, she left her mother’s house and went to live with Robby. When she got cold, she confessed that she never felt that much love or care from anyone. She was very happy with him and began to regain her self-esteem and having a steady job. Robby told her that he would help her against her mother and grandfather and that she should tell the police about her childhood sexual abuse by her grandfather.

In spite of all this she was still in a deep need of psychological therapy but she couldn’t admit that. And despite all Robby’s attempts to fix her, her inner issues always won. She began to scream and shout for 13 hours in a row from 10 pm till 11 am in the next morning. She was angry and screaming loudly which Robby did his best to handle but failed at the end. He kicked her out of his house and advised her to go see a doctor and get real help. She was really depressed and tried to talk to him over and over again. However, he told her that he told some of his friends and family about all what happened and they told him that he was guilt free as he has done his best to help her. He told her that he went to a therapy section and told their story, they advised him to spread it on the interned and one of them kissed his hand, they were very nice.

In my opinion that Karey is a very complicated personality with so many personal issues. This is due to many reasons her mom, her sexual abuse by her grandfather, not feeling loved for her whole life and low self-esteem. When she found Robby, he was a rescue boat for her that she grabbed and trusted him fast. He was so nice to her and tried to help her in every means. Her mother’s threatening of eviction wasn’t really the main reason for their breaking up. her depression periods increased and began to shout and scream continuously. Robby couldn’t handle all these. The main reason behind their breaking up is her internal issues that she refused to admit. She needs to get help and being recovered by a psychologist to be a better person. She had so much suffering in her life that she needs to recover from.